Volunteer Opportunities

Animal Placement Bureau appreciates all volunteers, no matter how much (or how little) time you have to help us. Anyone can help by raising awareness about shelter and rescue dogs, or making monetary donations to provide care for our animals.

Ways to Get Involved:

  • Fostering (or temporarily fostering) dogs – this is our biggest need!

  • Organizing and/or staffing fundraising events

  • Transporting dogs to/from other shelters and rescues

  • Helping with our ongoing pet adoption events at Soldan’s on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month.

  • Placing posters and promotional materials in public areas

  • Writing and distributing press releases

  • Conducting home visits for potential adopters

  • Doing reference checks on applicants

    For safety and liability purposes, we do require that all volunteers be at least 18 years of age. To volunteer, please fill out our volunteer application.


Volunteer Application

    If you desire to be a foster home for us, please click here: Foster Application

    General Information:
    Your name:
    Your address:
    City: State: Zip:
    Your primary phone number:
    Your email:

    Are you at least 18 years of age?

    How did you hear about us? APBdogs.orgPetfinder.com

    Volunteer Activities - Check activities you may be interested in:

    Temporary foster care for dogs. Care for dogs in your home when a permanent foster family goes out of town. Temporary foster care is typically needed for periods of 1-14 days.

    Adoption Events on 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month at Petco in Frandor Mall. Working from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. (or a little later) to assist in walking dogs, talking with prospective adopters, and keeping the dogs comfortable and quiet. Assist arriving foster parents with setting up crates and bringing dogs into the store.

    Transport. Picking up dogs from a shelter or other driver and relay them to another driver or rescue group in another city.

    Home Visits. Visit potential adopters' homes, evaluate and fill out interview forms.

    Qualifying References. Call references given by potential adopters and verify.

    Posters. Placing APB posters at approved locations in local businesses and work places.

    Photography & Descriptions. Photographing and writing creative profiles of our dogs.

    Fundraising. Organizing and staffing fundraising events.

    Coordinating Volunteers. Welcoming and guiding volunteers during various activities.

    I have experience in:



    Public Relations


    Graphic Design

    Social Media

    What special skills do you have that you can bring to APB?

    By submitting this application online, I authorize investigation of all statements in this application.
    Agree, and submit this application