How Adoption Works

APB’s goal is to place our foster dogs with permanent “forever homes.” So, our adoption process is designed to make sure the family and the dog are the best possible fit for each other.

Choosing your dog
APB has many dogs available for adoption, and they are all very special to us! Please take a moment to carefully review the description of the dog that you’re interested in. While APB doesn’t have any “blanket” adoption policies (e.g., for homes with/without fences, children, etc.) we do attempt to match our dogs with a home they’ll be comfortable in. One dog may need a fenced yard, while another may be fine being leash walked for potty and exercise. While some dogs are fine with children, other dogs are afraid of little hands and running feet. Please make sure that the dog you’re applying for will feel comfortable and safe in your home!

The adoption process begins with an application. Applications are available on our Available Dogs page and at the bottom of each individual dog’s description. Paper applications are also available at our adoption events.

I’ve submitted an application, now what?
First, applications are reviewed by members of APB’s board, and by the foster home of the dog(s) involved. This first review looks at the criteria for the individual dog to see if the applicant is a “match.” Please check your email often during the application process, as the board member or foster home may have specific questions about your application.

Next, one of our volunteers will check the personal and veterinary references on the application. Please let your veterinarian and reference know that we will be calling. Some veterinarians require a release from you in order to answer our questions. Again, you’ll be contacted with any specific questions.

Home Visit
The last step in the application process is a home visit. The goal of the home visit isn’t to check your housekeeping! Rather, the home visit is designed to check for things in the home that you may not have thought about; for example, a fence with a gap or other things that may be a concern for your chosen dog. If possible, we like to bring your chosen dog with us so that we can see how he/she interacts with the family.

Adoption Time!
At the end of this process, the application, references, and home visit are reviewed. If you’re a match for that particular dog, it’s adoption time! We’ll set a date for you, your new dog, the foster parents and a board member to get together to sign the paperwork. Our adoption fee is $250.00 and can be paid by cash or certified check.

You’re home!
Just because the dog is adopted, it doesn’t mean that we’re not still here to help – we’re available as a resource for the lifetime of your pup! We welcome any questions you may have on behavior, training, feeding, or just fun stories. We love to get updates on our dogs!

Why does it take so long?
APB is a 100% volunteer-run organization.  That means we have no paid staff. Our volunteers answer emails, foster dogs, organize our adoption events, hold fundraisers and other events, and review applications in their “free time.” Therefore, sometimes the application process can take a bit longer. Please feel free to “check in” if you haven’t received an update on your application within a few days, and remember to check your email often.