Apply for Adoption

    In order to considered for an adoption you must:

    1. Be at least 18 years of age, have $250 cash, and have a valid ID with current address

    2. Have the knowledge and consent of all adults living in your household

    3. Have your landlord's name and telephone number and proof of pet ownership approval (not just a lease copy)

    4. Be able to check your email frequently if you supply us with an email address

    Dogs I'm interested in adopting:

    Name of Dog 1

    Name of Dog 2

    Name of Dog 3

    If the dog I've listed is no longer available, I'm interested in being approved for similar dogs:


    Adopter's full Name:


    Age group:

    City: State: Zip:


    Primary phone:

    Work phone:

    Alternate phone:




    Personal reference (cannot be a relative, housemate, or significant other):

    References Address:

    References Phone:

    References City:

    References State:

    Veterinarian where your pet(s) records are located:

    You must give this vet permission to release your pets' medical history to APB.

    Vet clinic name:

    Vets City:

    Vets State:

    Vets Phone:

    It is the goal of the Animal Placement Bureau to place as many healthy, temperamentally sound animals in homes where they will receive good, stable, life-long care. Please read and answer the following:

    How did you hear about Animal Placement Bureau? (i.e.,, other):

    Have you adopted from us before?

    If so, when, and what was the animal's name at the time?

    Do you live in a:

    Your home is:

    If you rent, what are the restrictions for owning a pet according to your lease?

    Before adopting a pet, you must supply APB with a copy of your lease or a letter from your landlord stating permission to own a dog, or APB must be able to confirm permission of pet ownership with your landlord over the telephone. Please complete your landlord's information below.




    Please provide the following household information:

    Number of children:

    Children's ages:

    Number of adults:

    Do you run a day care in your home?

    Which member (s) of the family will be responsible for caring for your new pet?

    How long have you been looking for a new pet?

    Who is, or will be, your veterinarian?


    Pet History:

    List the current and past pets that you have owned as an adult, starting with your current or most recent:

    Pet 1:




    Where was pet kept:

    Pet's age when obtained:

    Pet's current or end age:

    What happened, if you no longer have the pet?:

    Pet 2:




    Where was pet kept:

    Pet's age when obtained:

    Pet's current or end age:

    What happened, if you no longer have the pet?:

    Pet 3:




    Where was pet kept:

    Pet's age when obtained:

    Pet's current or end age:

    What happened, if you no longer have the pet:

    Pet 4:




    Where was pet kept:

    Pet's age when obtained:

    Pet's current or end age:

    What happened, if you no longer have the pet:

    Were all medical requirements kept current for the above pets (vaccinations, heartworm preventative, etc.)?

    If no, please explain.

    Are you now or have you ever been a breeder?

    If yes, please explain.

    What brand of food do you feed your pets and why?

    What brand of heartworm preventative are/were your dogs on?

    Please tell us why you would like to adopt a new dog?

    Are all members of your family aware of your intent to adopt a dog, and are they in agreement that this pet is a good match for your household?

    How soon would you be available to adopt this dog?

    Do you agree to keep up to date with all your pet's vaccinations and check ups?

    How much are you prepared to pay for annual veterinary expenses?

    If you move in the future, what will you do with your dog(s)?

    What do you consider to be acceptable reasons to give up a pet?

    Are any members of your family allergic to any domestic animals?

    If so, how are you prepared to cope with the allergies?

    Do you have a fenced yard?

    Height and type of fence:

    If not, how will you let the dog out safely to relieve itself?

    Do you plan to take your dog to training classes?

    How long will your dog be left outside alone when you are home?

    How many hours a day will your dog be left home alone?

    Where will your dog be kept when left alone during this time?

    Where will your dog sleep?

    Where will your dog stay while you are on vacation?

    It may take your dog two weeks to adjust to its new home. What concerns do you have about this adjustment period?

    Will you call us if you have any questions or problems?

    If you do not hear from us within five business days after applying, call 517-346-4505 or email and tell us what dog you applied for.

    The remainder of the application is an interview. We're interested in your complete thoughts - please do not answer Yes or No. This is a required part of the application process, so please finish all answers to the end.

    1.What will your first day with your new dog be like?

    2. If your dog has a house training accident when you're not home, how will you deal with it?

    3. How about when you are home?

    4. If your dog chews on an inappropriate object, what will you do?

    5. What are your feelings about dog obedience training? If you are not interested, why?

    6. How do you plan to exercise your dog?

    7. How do you feel about keeping your dog indoors when you're gone?

    8. What are your feelings about crate training? Do you have experience with crate training?

    9. What are your feelings about cosmetic surgery for dogs (i.e. cropped ears, docked tails)? Do you have experience with cosmetic surgery?

    10. Our rescue dogs are not all perfect. Are you willing to put extra effort into things like obedience, if necessary?

    11. What are your feelings about returning our calls and e-mails to see how our foster dog is doing after adoption?

    12. What do you like about the dog you're interested in adopting? Have you had experience with this breed, and have you researched this breed? If yes, please explain.

    13. What concerns you about the dog that you're interested in adopting?

    14. If the dog that you're interested in adopting is a breed that requires grooming, how do you feel about having the dog groomed every 6-8 weeks? Are you aware that grooming may cost $25-$50 or more for each visit?

    15. What are some of the things you enjoy most about having a pet?

    16. Why did you choose a rescue group as opposed to a breeder when looking for a new dog?

    17. What will you do if your dog runs away? Who will you call, and what will you do to get it back?

    18. How do you feel about the fact that because our dogs live in our homes as members of our family, our concerns for them do not end when they get adopted?

    19. How do you feel about the fact that if you adopt a dog from APB you will sign a legally binding contract, and if we find out that you have breached the contract, we legally have the right to remove the dog immediately and permanently?

    20. How will you discipline your dog? Please give an example of something a dog might do that requires discipline.

    This application is complete, and I am ready to submit it.