Breed:  Havanese 
DOB: 2012
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 14.5 pounds
Foster: Julie

While I am a sweet little darling with people I know, I am very suspicious of anyone I haven’t met before.  For a few times I went to meet-and-greets and was learning that new humans were not so bad — they give treats!   However, there is something going on about staying away from gatherings because people are getting sick so now I haven’t met any treat-givers lately.  My foster person says I will need some time to get use to a new home and that I will need a very patient and understanding person to adopt me.

If you have another dog, it might be okay.  I do NOT share my food bowl with anyone and I don’t play with other dogs but otherwise I will let them co-exist with me.  

I love to go outside and sniff around and take my time checking things out.  When I started having a lot of accidents in the house my foster person suspected a bladder infection and made an appointment for me at the dog doctor.  Then my accidents started having red stuff in it so I was scheduled for a possible surgery.  Sure enough, I had stones in my bladder that had to be removed.  They were struvite stones so now I take a cranberry pill every day to keep me from having an infection that could lead to more stones forming.  I like that!  I get it wrapped in a yummy treat!

So far I have no met any cats so I am not sure what I would think of them.  Since I am still leery of strangers, a home with children is probably not a good idea.  But once I trust a bigger person, I love getting petted and ear scratches and all that other good stuff.

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Zena is fostered in Holland, MI.