Massive tumor removal

Breed: Irish Wolfhound/Airedale mix DOB: 1998 Sex: Neutered male Foster home: Julie This is what a dog that should be about 90 pounds looks like when he is about 10 pounds underweight.  And he is underweight because he is does not feel good.  There is a growth from his ear — inflammatory cells from a chronic ear infection — and it is so putrid, that when you are in the same room with him, you almost gag from the odor. He has been in pain for so long that he walks with his head at an odd angle.  He takes a long time to lie down because he is not sure how to lie down without causing more pain.  In spite of what he must feel like, you can still see that big tail wag and hear the “thump” of it against his cage when you talk to him.  As hard as it is to give him attention while holding your breath, you are drawn to him because he obviously enjoys human companionship and attention. Wolfieeartumor4-sm Wolfieeartumorgone A month later, he is almost all healed from the surgery where the growth was removed.  While he still likes to rub his head on soft things to “scratch” the healing ear, he is holding his head up higher and has gained 6 pounds!  Already his eyes look brighter and his tail wags even more than it did before. Wolfie is looking for a home where he can have the affection he so deserves.  He is gentle and sweet and gets along great with other dogs of all ages and sizes. The medical bills for Wolfie have been a lot higher than expected.  Even if you are not in a position to give Wolfie a permanent home, maybe you have a soft spot for senior dogs or Irish wolfhounds or Airedales?  If so, please consider donating money for his expenses. Thanks to the American Humane Association for supporting the cost of Wolfie’s surgery so APB could help put our funds into helping other dogs with serious medical needs.