Breed: Dachshund
DOB: 2011
Sex: Spayed female
  25 pounds
Foster home: Jen B.
Hiya, I’m Winnie! Here’s the scoop on me…

  • Winnie is  house trained. She may have an accident on occasion if she isn’t let out when she needs to be, and she benefits from a regular feeding and pottying schedule.
  • Winnie barks when excited or if there’s a possible intruder.
  • She needs a little time to warm up to other dogs, but is generally playful 
  • Prefers women to men
  • Some anxiety; needs at least a month to settle in
  • Crates well after getting used to it
  • Needs brushing/grooming and ear cleanings
  • Food motivated
  • Steals food, but will stop if told no
  • Likes walks, playing with squeaky toys, chewing chewies, cuddling
  • Sleeps in crib by bed (would like to sleep in bed with human)
  • Will dominate submissive dogs

I’m a bit…fluffy. Did they mention food motivated? You want a pretty girl to live with you? Apply for me!

If you would like more information, please email If you would like to apply for this dog, click here: Adoption Application