Breed: Dachshund/Poodle mix
DOB: 2010
Sex: Neutered male
  16 pounds
Foster home:  Julie

I am a happy and friendly dog and now that I have gone through the treatment for those pesky worms that were in my heart, I am ready for a new home!  

If you have other dogs, no problem. I probably won’t play with them but I get along great with all ages and sizes of dogs although I don’t like to share my space when I am sleeping so I complain and it makes the other dog go away. I rarely bark and while I am not full of energy, I also am not one of those older dogs who sleeps all the time. Going outside is fun and I like to go out to do my business. 

If you have a cat or cats, unfortunately I have not met any since I was rescued so we would have to do a trial visit to see if I can get along with felines.  

I do need regular haircuts when my hair gets long otherwise it will start to mat.  I guess I have the poodle hair though because I don’t shed.

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