Breed: Pomeranian mix

DOB: 2017
Sex: Neutered Male
Weight: 14 lbs.
Foster home: Chris P

Looking for a little companion that always wants to be by your side? Tigger might be the right little dog for you. Tigger is all about lounging! In a dog bed, on the couch, or in bed, he is not picky…..
Tigger came from a home with a single female caretaker. We are thinking this would be the best environment for him. He can be a little possessive of ‘his person’ so hoping he can go back to a similar situation.
He tolerates other small dogs well — no problem. Tigger is a little overweight so he will need someone to monitor his food and encourage exercise. He is not leashed  trained so will need a fenced in yard.
Tigger has a ‘happy go lucky’ attitude while in his home environment. He will alert (bark) when company arrives. He is a little wary of strangers. 
Tigger is all up to date on his vaccinations. Other than being a little overweight he is in good health.

Tigger absolutely loves to be held upside down in a lap like a baby.  It calms him down and he will go to sleep.  He also loves riding in the car, but may get car sick on a long ride. He is well house trained and can go all night without having to potty. 

Tigger is such a cuddly little guy who is both calm and playful.  For more info, contact:

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