teesha wounded-2

Attacked by Great Dane!

Breed: Shih Tzu DOB: 2001 Sex: Spayed female Foster home: Lisa I was waiting for a ride into rescue, and a Great Dane decided I looked like a really good snack! Shih tzus aren’t to eat, they’re to snuggle!! Great Danes have Really Big Teeth, and I’m a really little girl…it hurt lots! teesha wounded The vet said I’m a very lucky little girl, and that the damage could have been a lot worse. I got lots of stitches, tho’ and drains in my sides til I heal up. My foster mom says I’m the cutest ‘lil Frankendoggie she’s ever seen, tho’ and being hurt didn’t make me forget how to wag my tail. When I’m all healed up, I’ll be looking for a great new home. Til then, would you help APB pay for getting me all fixed up? Please? ‘lil shih tzu girls shouldn’t have great big holes! teesha0408-3 Thanks to Ellen Van Buren for sponsoring Teesha!