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2 surgeries – growth removed & bilateral cataract removal

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Breed: Standard Poodle DOB: 1-25-2007 Sex: Spayed female Weight: 52.4 pounds Foster home: Julie 059-16

UPDATE: 5/3/16

Cataract surgery was successful!  Suzette can now see at least a little and it should just keep getting better every day!  She will have a couple of  follow-up appointments with the ophthalmologist so we hope she will be ready for adoption in early June.

UPDATE: 4/13/16

Suzette had her checkup at the ophthalmologist and she is a candidate for cataract surgery!  Her surgery is scheduled for May 3rd and then she will need some post-op appointments to make sure all is going well.  We hope to be able to say she is available for adoption in June but will update when we know for sure.


Sweet beautiful Suzette had a few extra procedures required when she went to the vet. She had a growth just below her right eye that was suspicious so it was removed and sent off for biopsy. Because of this and her age, she needed pre-surgical blood tests done. Her values were great so surgery on the growth and her spay were done.  (The biopsy report indicated that the tumor was cancer but it was completely excised and only has a very, very small chance of re-occuring.)

She also has cataracts and is currently being treated with two types of eye-drops to reduce inflammation and dry-eye. Soon we hope to have the ophthalmologist ultra sound her retinas to find out if she is a candidate for surgery to remove her cataracts but her vet bill is already almost $500. Please consider making a donation towards her expenses. She is otherwise very healthy and has many more years to give us.

We hope she will be available for adoption sometime in mid-May.

Email if you have any questions. THANKS to  Bonnie Bowerman, Deb Jenkins, Jackie Limosani, Don Rhodes, Linda Sadler, Alexis Thomas, Karen Corwin, Judith Koland and Leslie Nason for the  generous donation for Suzette’s treatments. Or mail a donation to: Animal Placement Bureau, P. O. Box 80146, Lansing, MI 48908-0146