Breed:  Black lab/Pit Bull Terrier mix DOB: 2007 Sex: Spayed female Foster: Beth 205-18 Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$Raised 100$ towards the 900$ target.100$Raised 100$ towards the 900$ target.11%
Snickers came to me in early May of this year. Her family could no longer care for her. We don’t know the details and it does not matter. What matters is her mother reached out to APB to avoid having to take her to a shelter.  It was heartbreaking to see this woman that had had this dog since she was a puppy say good by to her.She is now almost 11 years old and a sweeter dog you will not find.  The previous owner let us know the tumor on her lip was cancerous. How far along, she did not know as she was no longer able to afford the vet visits.  I was able to take her to the oncology clinic at MSU where I learned the sad news that the mass cell had already metastasized to her lymph nodes and most likely her other organs. The vet said she would have about 3-4 months, then would start to exhibit flu-like symptoms, then go into a decline. Of course when that time comes we will have her euthanized.Well , someone forgot to tell Snickers that she is dying of cancer! She has a great appetite, goes nuts when it’s time for a walk, loves to play with any and all dogs, and wants to greet everyone when we walk. MSU Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream is her current favorite when we go for ice cream.She has become my best friend. No one even asks me to go to a movie or somewhere she can’t go , because they know I will say ” no thanks. I’m staying home with Snickers” She is the sweetest soul I have ever known. People say she is lucky to be at my house, but that is not true. I am lucky that I have her in my life and will care for her until her time comes.

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