Hind end paralysis – help with treatment!

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Hi! Got kisses? I do, I do!!! My name is Simon. A nice lady found me wandering – yeah, wandering – and my back legs don’t work! We don’t know if something happened to me, or if this was congenital, or what….at least not yet. ’bout that wandering thing? My foster mom is surprised – I’m really FAST. I get to moving even with two legs! Vroooom! Right now, we’re asking for help with my diagnosis and some potential tests. We’ll update this once there’s more info on me. As of right now, we can tell you – I don’t seem to have bladder control, but I don’t mind a belly band. And I love to give KISSERS!!! Update 3-25-2017 Simon’s foster mom here. We’re not going to tell him that I’ve labeled him READY – the last time that happened, he decided to quit walking again. So, here’s the scoop.
Right now, he can walk and run reasonably well. Not 100%, the back end doesn’t always know what the front end is doing. LOL! He can’t do a 180 degree turn without falling over. But this doesn’t stop him a bit.
Bladder control, he’s about 98%. He dribbles when he first gets up, or after he eats – but it’s not multiple times a day now. It’s quite a bit less frequent, and some days not at all.
Bowel control, probably 90-95%. He drops ‘lil nuggets sometimes.
So, his potential new home should have access to, and willingness to pay for, cold laser. They should understand that he may have future neuro events, and we don’t know the total prognosis. He might bounce back, he might not. And they should be willing to deal with the fact that he’s slightly incontinent.
That said, Simon is one of the HAPPIEST, goofiest ‘lil guys I’ve ever seen. He loves to be outside, and he LOVES to play with the other dogs – although he tends to boss them around. He loves to be on the couch, and LOVES to chew on cow hooves. Given his wobbly gait, he’d do best with a fenced yard, so he can wander at will. Small children that may trip on him and such aren’t the best idea, either – he’s in an adult only home now.
Update 1-10-2017 Well, see, it’s like this. I stopped walking. My foster mom came home, and my ‘lil rear legs aren’t working again. I didn’t lose my tail wag, tho!! I’s still happy! She called it a “serious backslide” – dunno what she’s talking about, dogs don’t SLIDE! The doggie doctor says I hurt myself – I’ve slipped a disc, maybe the same one, maybe a different one. SO, now I have to take some pills, and we’re doing the cold laser thingy again. Cross your paws for me! Previous update Who’s the bestest poodle ever? I AM! You know what I can do? I’s WALKING! I got cold laser treatment. I get to wear ‘lil goggles, and they feed me cookies, and run a thing over my back and legs. This doesn’t seem like such a bad deal as long as the treats keep coming! First, I started boosting myself up. Then I started standing at the water bowl. Next thing you know, I took TWO whole steps! And once I started taking steps….it just kept getting better and better! I’m NOT 100%. I have some bladder control now, most of the time. I still don’t have bowel control yet – but we’re hopeful. My accomplishment this week? I climbed up on the couch! Poodles RULE THE WORLD! Email lisa@schnauzerama.org for questions ’bout mememe!