Eye removal, extensive facial/tooth infection, extensive ear infections

Breed: Shih Tzu
DOB: 2006
Sex: Neutered male
Foster home: Patti

Little Andy is one of the dogs APB received from the Allegan puppy mill and he is a perfect gentleman.
On his first trip to the vet, we found out that he was full of whip worms and tapeworms. And he has several puss filled puncture wounds to one leg. Andy’s right eye also had some sort of injury that we are now treating with antibiotics. Unfortunately, his left eye was never fully developed and it is producing no tears and is only causing him pain, so it will have to be removed. The poor guy also has very bad teeth. The front ones were worn down to almost nothing, the vet thought maybe from gnawing on a cage. The rest of his teeth need cleaning and he will probably need some extractions. Other than that, he’s doing great. Andy is answering to his name and he now can go down the steps all by himself. He is even following the other dogs outside!
Little Andy went in for his surgeries. His doctor said it was a good thing they removed the left eye because they found a VERY BAD infection behind it. It was so bad that it had spread down into the left side of his mouth. At that point it was eating away his teeth. He also has a VERY nasty ear infection in (you guessed it) his left ear. And, to top it all off, a yeast infection on his entire body.
That little guy is a trooper, he must have been extremely uncomfortable but he never let on.
About a week after the surgeries, I took Andy back to the vet because his ear just didn’t seem like it was getting better. Good thing I did, the doctor cultured both the ears and found out they were BOTH infected with a systemic infection. That is the kind of infection that can eat into the ear canal bone. If that happens, it’s near impossible to get rid of it. He is now on VERY STRONG oral antibiotics and antibiotic ear drops. He already seems to be feeling better because he has been running around the house playing with toys. Keep checking back, the way Andy is progressing, it won’t be long before he is ready for adoption!