Breed: Lhasa mix
DOB: 2008
Sex: Spayed female
Down to 18.5 pounds!
Foster home: Linda M 

Sassy is a happy, female 10 year old Lhasa mix that has a new lease on life. When she came to us, she weighed 28.5 pounds and could only take 3 steps before sitting down again. She sat down to drink water and eat food. Now she walks and runs (her speed of running) all through the house and in the back yard and can go up and down two steps on her own. 

She bonds quickly to her owner and follows her person all over the house. She chews bones, loves to ride in the car, and explore the dog store and the neighborhood. 

Her eyesight and hearing isn’t perfect but it doesn’t stop her from getting around and having another small dog to follow around is best. 

She will make a nice companion for any dog lover. 

Sassy at 28 pounds

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