Surgery to remove mass on rear leg

Breed:  Rottweiler/Sharpei mix
DOB: 08/01/2006
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 45 pounds
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UPDATE: My tumor is too large to be removed and based on the history, it is really slow growing.  It would be very difficult for the surgeon to close up the skin after taking so much tissue away and I would have a hard time keeping it from breaking open based on where the incision would be on my leg.
After much discussion, it was decided to just treat it with non-traditional medicine since it will likely cause my death eventually.

THANKS to everyone who donated.  At least all my preliminary tests were covered and I can now see the Animal ophthalmologist — my eyesight is kinda bad and these people want to make sure I am getting the right eye medicine. Oh and we know now that I am otherwise quite healthy so I have a while to make someone a really NICE companion!

ORIGINAL POST:   Before I am adopted, I will have this pesky lump taken off my leg.  My previous owner got sick and had to move to a home where he needs help all the time and didn’t get around to having the surgery done.  Maybe you can help pay for this since I didn’t come into my foster home with any money. I may be a little older but I have enough energy to love to go for walks and I adore getting attention.  Keep that in mind because when I am healed, I will be ready for someone to adopt me and make me really happy!

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