Breed:  Sharpei/Rottweiler

DOB: 10/20/2005
Sex: Spayed 
Weight: 43 pounds
Foster home: Christine E.

UPDATE:  Rosie has been declining in health.   It would be confusing to move Rosie to an adoptive home at this stage of her life.  Her foster has agreed that it would be best to consider Rosie a Hospice dog and we will be sure to keep her as comfortable as possible for however long she has left.

We will gladly accept donations to help pay for her medicine and supplements.

Hi There,

My name is Rosie.  I am a sweet, Senior girl who is very laid back and loves to go on walks and take naps.  I had a Daddy for 10 years but he had to get help taking care of himself.   I think they call it dementia.  I got shuffled around for a little bit but have been stable now and am used to my routine.  I have visited my Daddy in his new home and he remembered me at first.  My Foster Mom brought him a picture of me so he wouldn’t forget me.  We plan on visiting him again soon as I like road trips and new adventures.

I like my foster home as I have a doggie door to the deck so I can go in and out on my own to go potty or get some fresh air.  I never have accidents in the house because of the doggie door.  I eat my breakfast and dinner up like a good girl and take all of my supplements to help me stay strong.   I have Dry Eye so I need my drops in my eyes, twice a day.  They say I also have something called cancer.  They call it a Hemangiopericytoma tumor that is on my back leg.  It hasn’t grown much since being with my foster Mom and the oncologist also said it hasn’t grown much since Feb of 2018. 

I am hard of hearing, almost deaf, and I am far sighted too.  I can see those other doggies or kids when they are down the street or across the street just fine but things are a little blurry up close so quick hand movement is kind of scary for me.  I would do best in a quiet home with older children or just adults and one that does not have a lot of stairs for me to go up or down.  I have a hard time with stairs as I used to live in a Ranch style house and never had any steps.  Plus my tumor and old legs make it a little difficult to get up them.  

When we go for walks, my Foster Mommy and I go and get our neighbor Freida to walk with us.  She gives me treats too but not too many because we are trying to keep my weight down.  I love to go on car rides.  My very first Daddy was a truck driver and took me with him and so I love riding in cars and going on trips.  I even got to go to Chicago for something called a Fundraiser.  It was a Doggie Prom and I won Best Dressed Female.  I got a trophy too.  I attended my first Take Your Dog To Work Day event that my Foster Mom hosts for her work and won a bronze medal for Best Costume.  I have been to a winery, a couple of breweries and I love walking around any downtown area.  Everyone comments on how cute and pretty I am and my Foster Mommy smiles real big. 


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