Quincy before surgery

Breed:  Shih tzu 
DOB: 2010 estimated 
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 14 pounds
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BIOPSY UPDATE:  Quinsy will likely have no other problems from the growth in his mouth.  It was a Peripheral Odontogenic Fibroma!  
Keep your fingers crossed that the re-check on his skin has a great prognosis!

Hair is growing in!

Mass in mouth removed.


Original Post:
When we saw the shelter picture of Quinsy, it looked like his tongue was sticking out.  But then when got him, we realized it was a growth inside his mouth.  He wasn’t bothered by it but it had to be removed and sent off for biopsy.  What did bother Quinsy was his yeast infected skin and the loss of hair from his back and underside.  

He will need oral medications for quite a few weeks to clear up the yeast and baths to help him feel better.  His hair is already starting to grow in.  

Quinsy will go outside when he needs to, whether we ask him to or sometimes he barks to let us know he has to go.  He has a good appetite and gets along fine with other dogs.  He is a nice little dog who needed a chance to feel good in his “twilight” years!

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