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Plasmacytoma in left ear – New ones keep growing!

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix DOB: 03/11/2009 Sex: Neutered male Weight: 66 pounds Foster home: Christine E. 091-14  Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/donation-thermometer/.600$Raised 175$ towards the 600$ target.175$Raised 175$ towards the 600$ target.29%
I had normal ears for many years.  But earlier this year this little bump starting growing.  My vet said it wasn’t a big deal.  They would just remove it and it was probably benign.  It WAS!  But a couple of months later,  another one started growing farther down in my ear. PJ ear tumor 2016 May  It wasn’t easy to see because it was pretty deep but when it started bleeding (I admit, I scratched it a little…)  it made a real mess and back to the vet I went. That one was removed but now a month later, I scratched my ear and made another red mess in the house.  There are two more.  My vet wants me to see a specialist because these pesky little things keep growing in different parts of my ear.  I guess sometimes when dogs keep getting these, they get treated with radiation and then no more little bumps grow. So far I have paid quite a bit to my vet for the two surgeries and I still money to see the specialist and to have the new growths removed.  Can you help me? Or mail a donation to: Animal Placement Bureau, P. O. Box 80146, Lansing, MI 48908-0146 Email  tzupoomom@gmail.com if you have any questions.