Breed: Mixed breed
DOB: 10/31/2023
Sex: Spayed female
19 pounds (Estimated adult weight 25 pounds)
Foster home: Jamie

HI! I’m Pistol Annie! Well, when I was tiny I was, I’ve mellowed and turned into a bit of a sissy now…but I’m still known as little Ms Annie. I’m only Pistol Annie when I’m being crazy!
My whole family came to APB, even my mom…everyone has been adopted except me because every time we had a spay appointment I would try to pretend I was sick. I’m really quite fine.

I have never known life without more dogs, so gosh, I hope you have a doggy who wants a little sister to follow them around. I love my big foster siblings and I miss my real sister who already got a home but I really do like following the other dogs around. When I go outside at night time with my foster mom I stick pretty close, because it’s dark and scary out there! If she throws my toys too far, I’m not getting it, not unless the other dogs are there too.

I am a mixed up Mutt, like the queen of mixed up mutts! They did DNA on my siblings and we have 25 different breeds in us! That’s a LOT!!! I am cute, I am little and I am black/brown/grey/white!! I am so special I don’t even have a color! Shadow Black is what mom says that google says. ha ha.

I’m a really good girl! I love the dogs, I’m submissive, I love the kitties (who are only a little bit smaller than I am) and I really love snuggle time! I sleep in my crate next to my foster mom’s bed and never make a peep (until the sun comes up!). I even like to eat in my crate and sometimes bring my toys in there to chew on them.

I just want my own family now, I’m almost 6 months old and I’m ready! Foster mom says there is one small thing that I have to work on – and that’s being sure I potty outside. I do! I really do potty outside, but, well, I have boo-boos inside too. She says too often. She catches me and tells me no no and then we go outside….but I already went! What does she expect me to do outside? I get so confused. She says I’m a big girl now and I need to do what big dogs do, but well, she cleans it up, so what’s the problem? She says nobody wants a naughty dog! But I’m really a good girl! I just don’t get it! Even when she catches me, I run and wag my tail – so she knows I’m happy! But I guess I’m not supposed to be…it’s really confusing!
So, yes, I need some work, I’m shy and I tinkle, but other than that I love life! I love my toys, I love playing tag, I love getting the zoomies, I love snuggling, I love my crate and treats and everything! Do you want to make me your buddy?? Please?

If you do, please email and we can have you talk to my foster mom.

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