Breed: Chihuahua
DOB: 2012
9 pounds
Foster home: Julie

This little guy can be very sweet and funny and he usually listens to commands.  
If you are familiar with chihuahuas, you will understand that he can be very selective of whether or not he likes visitors.  He is good in a crate though so if he is not accepting a visitor or visitors, he can go in one as long as you have a blanket for him to snuggle in and even under it.  (In fact, he loves to sleep in your bed but most of the time wants to burrow under the covers.)

Pablo sleeps a lot but also wants to be next to you or on your lap at times. He barks a lot when he needs to go out and when he wants back in but does sleep all night and does not have to go out and potty until morning.

He would be fine as an only dog but will tolerate other dogs some of time.

Most of his life he has had a fenced yard and he really enjoys running quite a ways around and likes to check out all the areas but he also will potty on a leash or be put out on a tie-out.

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