Blood Disorder — Working on Diagnosis/Prognosis

Breed:  Borzoi/Bullmastiff mix
DOB: 2015
Sex: Neutered Male
Weight: 80 pounds
Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$Raised 0$ towards the 500$ target.0$Raised 0$ towards the 500$ target.0% A couple of lumps were found on Ollie.  While he was eating and drinking and acting perfectly normal and happy, it was decided that a trip to the veterinarian was necessary. Aspiration of the lumps revealed they were blood.  During the exam, bruising was evident on his underside and around the base of his legs as if he had suffered some massive trauma.  Many tests were run but everything looked normal. 

Blood samples have been sent off to check for the beginning of some diseases that are not apparent except in specialized tests.  One of the differential diagnostic possibilities is Von Willebrand Disease although it is not the only blood disorder that he could have. Testing is not inexpensive but it is necessary to determine what treatment is needed. 
Please consider donating towards Ollie’s testing costs and keep him in your thoughts!

UPDATE:  All of the tests came back as normal.  Ollie’s lumps have slowly become smaller and the bruising is fading.  We can only assume Ollie ate something or was exposed to something that caused a temporary clotting problem.  Thankfully he is doing really well and doesn’t understand why we were so concerned!  Oh to have the life and outlook of a dog 😉

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