Elongated soft palate

177-20 UPDATE:  Molly does not have an elongated soft palate and will not need surgery!  She WILL have to lose some weight and then her heart will have to be re-evaluated.

Original post: Molly’s owners were sick and the wife is in the hospital dying of cancer.  They could not take care of her so asked the neighbor to take her to the shelter.  Neighbor did not know much about her.  Molly has very labored breathing and a constant raspy sound from her throat. The shelter took her to the vet and they did a scope of her throat. She has an elongated soft palate which is restricting her breathing. We believe the diminished breathing capacity is the root of her heart murmur. She will most likely need a cardiac work up. Molly is a spunky girl full of life. Molly needs your help so she can move forward with the surgery to correct her medial issues.   

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