Breed: Chihuahua
DOB: 2010
Sex: Spayed female
  10 pounds
Foster home: Julie
This little firecracker was so good to go outside to go potty at first and then there was a stretch of rainy days.  She would not go out on her own so she was carried outside.  Now she thinks she has to be carried outside most of the time.  Obviously she think she is a Princess!
UPDATE: She is now going outside on her own, thankfully!

Sometimes she wants to be in your lap but mostly she just loves to burrow under a blanket.  When she pops out to check on her surroundings and you talk to her, she gets all excited and rolls around waiting for attention.  She is a funny little girl.

She gets along with other dogs unless she is eating.  She will NOT share her food dish.  Otherwise she basically ignores other dogs.  We do not know what she thinks of cats or small children.

We took her to an adoption event and she behaved as expected — she would not let any strangers pet her but if we placed her in their arms, she was fine.  Like many chihuahuas, she is not trusting of new humans at first. 

Her mammary tumors were removed and sent for biopsy.  They were completely excised.  They were carcinoma so she will have to be checked to make sure no others appear but they were under .5 cm so it is not very likely there will be more.

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