Feeling better!

Eating good and gaining weight!

Abscessed tooth, hydrometra, mammary lumps

DOB: 2010
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 7 pounds
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UPDATE:  MistyRoo has a good appetite and is eating well.  She is definitely feeling better since her dental and taking antibiotics for the abscess. 

This little itty bitty girl had an abscessed tooth that needed to be pulled and had a hydrometra (accumulation of fluid in the uterus).  No wonder she often was not interested in eating and is underweight.  By the end of her spay and dental, she had already been under anesthesia longer than was safe for such a small dog with a significant infection in her gum.  Meanwhile, she will have to go back for surgery to remove the pebble size masses in her right mammary chain so they can be sent out for biopsy to find out if they are cancerous and if they have been completely removed.   She is on antibiotics and pain medicine and waiting on fecal results because she is also suspected to have internal protozoal parasites.  The good news is that her blood chemistry values are pretty good — her kidneys and liver are still healthy and doing their jobs!
Please consider donating towards MissyRoo’s extra high medical bills.

Before dental and spay.

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