Breed: Borzoi/Bull Mastiff mix
DOB: 2013
Sex: Spayed female
 81 pounds
Foster home: Julie 
Mira, Mira on the wall.  Who’s the fairest doggie of all?  Maybe it is the smooth-coated borzoi?  Well maybe not because that is not really a breed.  But Mira looks like one if there was such a thing. She loves attention and affection from humans and even did well with the small humans she met at an adoption event.  Once she is comfortable in a new home, she seeks you out for attention and after you acknowledge her (and sometimes tell her what a pretty girl she is) she is happy to go and lay down. Mira can be a clown sometimes.  For example, when handing out doggie treats, she will occasionally give it a sniff and if it isn’t a favorite of hers, she will whip around and bound away and then stop and wait to see if you are going to chase her.  If you do, she does a variety of things to play.  You can’t help but at least smile at her antics and at times even laugh out loud. While she plays really well with other large and medium size dogs, she cannot be trusted with small dogs as she has a high prey drive.  Since she is quite shy with new people and new situations, she would do best to have another medium to large dog to learn from — a dog that is confident and well socialized. We will require a physically fenced yard for Mira — she is a sighthound with prey drive so she would likely break out of an underground fence or leave the boundaries of an unfenced yard after any small moving creature. If you would like more information, please email If you would like to apply for this dog, click here: Adoption Application