One week after growth removal

Breed:  Shih Tzu
DOB: 2012
Sex: Female
Weight: 14 pounds

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UPDATE:  Biopsy report from Millee’s mammary mass came back!  Very unusual but she is cleared from any cancer!  It was a benign nodular osseous metaplasia and was completely removed.

UPDATE:  Millee had the tubes removed from her incision today and her biopsy report came back while she was there!

If you didn’t see that ugly mass growing on Millee’s neck, you would think she was a normal and healthy dog.  She has no problem getting along with the other dogs and while she is a little fearful at first of new humans, she warms up quickly and loves attention.  She loves to join them in going outside and is doing well at doing her business outside.

While the growth was removed, she had Penrose drains put in to help the site heal correctly.  It took well over an hour for everything.

We are waiting for the biopsy results of the ugly growth and will post an update.  If the results are good, then she will still need to be spayed.  While examining her before her surgery, a small mammary mass was found so that will have to be removed and also sent out for biopsy.  

Please consider a donation towards this first surgery for the procedure, placement of the drains, the biopsy, pain medications and antibiotics.

Thanks from Millee!

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