Breed: Chihuahua
DOB: 2011
Sex: Spayed female
8 pounds
Foster home: Jan and Al

Hi!  My name is Maya.  I am a beautiful, reddish brown Chihuahua.  I am blind, and was born diabetic, but I’m VERY easy to have around!!  Mum gives me my special shots twice a day, and then she gives me a treat!!!  The insulin for such a small girl is not expensive at all.

I warm up quickly and love laps.  I love to be close to you and sleep, and be petted and kissed.   I know every inch of our house and can find the water bowls, my feeding pen and when mom puts me at the top of a ramp, I go right down it and out into the back yard to do my business, and then I come back in when I’m ready.  If I’m home alone, I go right to the pee pads by the back door and do my business there.

The nice vet I go to says that I am a good little girl, and don’t mind the occasional blood glucose tests that I have done. I would make a great companion to some older person who is home all day.  If you would like a cuddly, really quiet chi, please consider adopting me! No small children please! For more info, please email: