Shelter picture

Happy to be groomed


Breed: Toy Poodle
DOB: Senior 
Sex: Neutered male
8 pounds
Foster home: Linda R

I was found wandering around.  Maybe I got lost because my eyesight is a little impaired and my hearing is not very good but my legs work good!  And if you call my name really loud, I do notice and look at you.

They are calling me a senior because I don’t have many teeth left and I like to take naps but I love small, soft treats. 

When the other dogs start playing and running around, I get perky and am right in the middle of the action! 

I am quiet and good in a crate, rarely potty in the house, get along with all the other dogs, and love to wear little sweaters since I lost so much hair while it was still pretty cold outside!

Great in a crate on transport  ,

Another post grooming

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