Breed: Tibetan Terrier – DNA test confirmed it!
Age: Senior
Sex: Neutered male
20 pounds
Foster home: Julie

Max came into foster care due to some unfortunate circumstances. His owner became ill and could no longer care for him. He adjusted really well into his new foster home. Max LOVES to be with people, and will even follow you into the bathroom! He gets along with other dogs, no issues.

We were hoping to get Max a much needed dental, but pre-dental Labs were concerning. So instead of having a dental Max has gone through a number of test/ procedures, trying to figure out what is going on internally.

At this time is appears that Max is in the beginning stages of kidney failure from his blood chemistry values.  His lymphocyte count was also alarming high and has remained high.  An ultrasound of his kidneys was performed and one kidney is enlarged and misshapen.  Renal Lymphoma is likely the diagnosis.  Unfortunately we cannot predict how long Max will have to live comfortably so he is considered a hospice foster dog.

Please let us know if you have any specific questions about Maxwell or if you would be willing to donate funds on his behalf.


Or mail a donation to: Animal Placement Bureau, P. O. Box 80146, Lansing, MI 48908-0146

If you have any questions, please email .