Breed: Shih Tzu
DOB: 2013 or earlier
Sex: Spayed female
13 pounds
Foster home: Julie
Fostered in Holland, MI
I am an older little dog so I sleep a lot.  In fact, as you can see, I got tired at an adoption meet-and-greet and found a display that wasn’t too crowded.  I pushed the bird house aside and settled right down!

I had been pretty perky earlier because some of the people there were handing out doggie treats. I am very interested in treats!

Don’t worry though.  I am very easy to take care of.  I don’t care if you have other dogs.  If they try to bother me, I just ignore them.  I did have to give one puppy a little warning growl when he thought he could get me to play.  The idea of a mature and dignified “princesss” like me resorting to those kinds of antics is ridiculous.  

Sometimes I will sleep on the bed with you but I am just as content to snooze in a cuddle bed.  

I wander a bit when I am outside but I have also done my business on a leash so I probably don’t need a fenced yard.  I do need to be walked on a leash though because I will wander quite far if not on one.  I don’t bark to go outside but I am use to the routine here and go outside when we are told it is time to go outside to potty.  When it got really cold and was sleeting, I did go ahead and use the potty pads that were set out for the blind dogs.

Click here. to watch Martzi in action — determined to get the treats!

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