Breed: Labrador Retriever
DOB: 7/17/2009
Sex: Spayed female
64 pounds
Foster home: Jamie K

Lucy was raised lovingly by her former family who was devastated to surrender her and her sister after their second child developed horrible allergies to the dogs.
Lucy may be older, but she’s THE.PERFECT.DOG.  Her behaviors show that she was a well cared for family pet for her entire life and we would like to see her continue that!
Lucy is completely house trained, leash trained and even likes to sleep in a crate! She’s amazing off leash (in safe areas!!) and she is a true Lab…if there is water to be played in, she’s in it! She loves the kiddie pool, but a nice nasty pond will work too…we try to keep her to the clean water!

She loves Bye-Bye in the car, she is social and happy with everyone she meets.

She may be 11, but she still has vision and hearing, is happy, spunky, and even still likes to play (for a little bit) and loves her tennis balls! Yet she is also content to follow you around and lay at your feet.
She isn’t used to being alone for “work days”.   Although I’m sure she would adjust, or she would be a great office dog!!

Lucy is fostered in the Grand Rapids area.

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