Breed: Chihuahua
DOB: 2016-2017
Sex: Spayed female
5 pounds
Foster home: Jamie

Please meet Little Lucy or commonly known as the Itty Bitty, since the cats are twice her size.
Lucy was a “found” dog that no one claimed. She showed up at a rural farm late at night. We searched and searched but no owners came forward. Lucky for the Itty Bitty, the farm was owned by one of our foster homes’ bosses! That family is a mom, dad, three older daughters and a younger son. Bitty LOVED the girls immediately. But as much as they tried, the little boy would get barked at as did the dad. They tried to love her but she was having no part of it! She was ‘shared’ with that family and our foster home for two weeks until she scared their small boy and dad said Dog has Gotta Go.
Now that she’s full time in a foster home, she doesn’t care for the man in that house either! But that house has no children.
In her foster home she has doggy friends and cat friends and all kinds of farm animal friends. None of which she wants to be friends with! She loves to chase ducks, but only the babies. She has NO fear of the horses so we need to keep a very close eye on her! When it comes to dog friends, we’re pretty sure she’s never had any. She is learning doggy social skills still. In typical Chihuahua fashion, she thinks she’s the big boss on campus. But she’s outweighed by everyone. She’s quite naughty but in an adorable way. She thinks she’s “attacking” her foster siblings, but they’re so much bigger than she is, they think she’s playing! We are working on that, obviously, and these dogs don’t mind being the guinea pigs — they think it’s a big game.
She also is learning to “share moms lap” She thinks that she gets to hoard her foster mom, but the residents here disagree. She would snarl and snap at them but we immediately put her on the ground and tell her “be nice” and she can share mom’s lap with ONE dog and ONE cat. That’s progress that we will continue to work on. It’s a small step but proves to us that she’s learning!
She’s also not a runner at all, (*UNLESS FRIGHTENED*) she sticks close to the back yard and is never unattended. She is learning ‘come’ but has a long ways to go. She thinks it means, roll over for belly scratches while her tail goes a mile a minute.

She’s doing super with potty training as well and she LOVES her crate! She loves Bye-Bye in the car too!
Bitty needs a very understanding home, someone who knows the traits of the Chi’s. She may be a bit of a challenge, but in my opinion, so so very well worth it, because she is just as sweet as can be to “her human”.
I don’t believe she’ll ever be a dog for men, or a dog to be trusted around little boys. BUT – she has been doing excellent with women and girls. She even loves to go parade around car shows and the stores, and if there are females she loves getting attention.
She’s got a long life ahead of her and much learning to do, but if she likes you – she’ll be just the best buddy a girl can ask for.
*Note that because of Covid, she is still waiting to be spayed, she will not be able to leave her foster home until Mid-September. She also has an umbilical hernia, and depending on what the docs say, it may stay or it may go. I believe it’s well healed but we will get the professional’s opinion when she goes to be fixed.
If you have room in your heart and your home for an adorable little lap buddy, this is your girl. She wants nothing more than to be on your lap with a comfy blankie.

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