HW treatment, extensive dental and surgery on injured toe

Breed: Labrador Retriever mix DOB: 2007 Sex: Spayed female Weight: 65 pounds Foster home: Lindsay 012-16

Hi, my name is Lucky. I’ve had a pretty bad hand of cards dealt to me up until my foster mom brought me home in June 2015. My original family left me tied up on a chain outside for my whole life. When my foster mom came to pick me up, I was hiding under a pile of wood with a hurt foot, dental problems and heartworms. She has worked really hard to help me get healthy again, and boy am I grateful. I can’t stop wagging my tail – even when I go to scary places like the vet! They all love me there… in fact, everyone who meets me seems to fall in love with me. I’ve never had this much love in my whole life! My foster mom keeps telling me that I really am Lucky now, and I’m starting to believe her!

I am very laid back and live a quiet life. I never had toys when I was growing up, so I’m still not quite sure what to do with them. I currently have two kitty sisters and we all get along just fine (but I don’t like it when they try to steal my food!). My old family had a small dog who I also got along just fine with. I just couldn’t understand why they would let him go inside, but not me! My foster mom hasn’t really gotten to see me interact with other dogs, so she doesn’t know quite how I would react. I like to exchange sniffs at the vet though! I also do well around kids, but sometimes they just have way too much energy for me.

I usually bark when people come close to my home. I’m protective of my space! But when I’m out and about I barely make a peep. My fostermom doesn’t make me stay in a crate and the only time I’ve ever had any potty problems is when I’ve been on medications. I’ve been brought up to date on all vaccinations and treated for heartworms (but will need to be re-checked in about 6 months). I’m about 7 or 8 years old, and with the age comes a lot of wisdom….and a few health issues. I still need some dental work to get my teeth back in good shape. I also have some arthritis and a problem with one of my back toes, but the nice people at the vet are trying to help my foster mom and I resolve my foot problems quickly.

As long as you love me, I’m forever indebted to you! I am hoping to find an owner who I can bond with and spend lots of time with. I am looking for a new forever home that is quiet and loving. If that sounds like you, please look for that link below that says “Online Application”. I’m considered a senior dog, so there’s an extra bonus – my adoption fee is only a reasonable donation!


Email if you have any questions.

THANKS to Patricia Baron, Julie Avery, Randi Williams and Sharon Kay for their generous donations!