Breed: Australian Cattle Dog mix
DOB: est 2019
Sex: Spayed female
33 pounds
Foster home: Shaina

Hey everyone I’m Lily and I’m looking for my new home! When I was growing up I didn’t get much love or attention, and I didn’t ever get to go new places or meet new people.  I wound up at a place called a shelter, but I was so scared that no one wanted to take me home with them. The shelter wanted me to go to a home to learn “real” life as the shelter life was not helping me, so they sent me to live with my foster family instead. Now I’m finally learning that people can be nice and things aren’t so scary!

I’m a little over a year old, maybe a year and half, and probably a cattle dog maybe mixed with another herding breed. I weigh 33 lbs and am probably full grown. At first I can be very shy meeting new people, but I’m curious.  I’m also food motivated so a few treats and I’ll start warming right up. Now that I’ve become comfortable at my foster home I’m a very happy silly girl. I absolutely LOVE going out in the yard, playing ball, and wrestling with the other dogs here. Oh, and don’t forget dinner time!

I like laying on the couch because this was my “safe spot” when I first came to my foster home. If a new person comes over I go to the couch to feel safe and then they can come say hi to me there. I would LOVE to have another dog at my new home and this may help me to adjust quicker, although this is not required. Foster mom does strongly suggest my new home has a fenced in yard. I am getting better but please be aware I can be a barker at times, especially if I get scared or excited — I would not be a good fit for apartment living.  I’m getting better with potty training but I do still have some accidents inside once in a while. Foster mom didn’t crate me initially because she didn’t want me hiding in there 24/7 but now that I’m more adjusted this could possibly be an option for training at my new house.

I’m very well behaved and don’t get into things or chew/destroy the house. I didn’t like walks at first because I thought leaving the house was scary but I’m starting to get braver and enjoy them. I don’t pull at all and walk right next to foster mom (at first I was so scared I’d try to walk right in between her legs to hide). I would do better in a calmer household (no frequently yelling kids, no frequent parties, etc). I’ve never been around cats and being that I’m a herding breed I may not get along with them since I wasn’t taught when I was growing up not to chase them.

I get nervous/car sick in the car so I may not be a good fit for someone that would need me to travel a lot. I am a very smart girl and could learn more tricks if my new family wants to teach me.  Foster mom thinks I would do ok with kids, but that I may need supervision with them when running around in the yard as I sometimes do a herding dog nip.  This is common behavior for my breed which foster mom is trying to teach me to stop.

My new family will need to be patient with me as I may take a few weeks to fully adjust my new home. But once I do I’m very loving and playful. Foster mom says I’m very chill and like to sit on the couch a lot, but once I know something exciting like a walk or playing frisbee is happening I get lots of energy and hype!

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