Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
DOB: 5-2015
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 11
Foster home: Lisa
Hiya, I’m Libby Lu! Yes, I’m absolutely adorable, and I know it. My person passed away, and I needed a new place to go hang out.

What I like – snuggles! Pets! Sleeping in the bed with the humans! No, for real – that’s my thing. I curl up and go to sleep, but I don’t like being where you’re not. So please be ready to snuggle up with me. Treats! I take treats very nicely. 

What I don’t like – small kids. And cats. I bark-bark-bark at them, and chase, and it’s NO fun for them. I’m a schnauzer, and we like to bark. So I’m not a great choice for an apartment or a close living situation. 

I’m very good on a leash. I’ve lived without a fenced yard, but I do like a fence to go run around! I’ve learned to play with the other small dogs here, but I get along better with the boys than the girls. I’m bossy sometimes, and the other girls don’t like it. 

What do you think – do you want a ‘lil schnauzer princess to come live with you? 

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