Extensive Dermal testing – Sebaceous Adenitis

Breed: Standard Poodle
DOB: 2004
Sex: Spayed female
Foster home: Julie

The shelter thought I just had a bad case of flea allergies.  The veterinarian thought it was likely, too.  But after a couple of months, my skin is only a little bit better and the hair on most of my body keeps breaking off in little pieces.   Now the nice dog doctor wants to see me a few more times so that they can check some things out at a special laboratory.  Yikes!  Those places need quite a bit of money to find out what is wrong with me!  Since everyone thinks I am such a nice girl and I act spunky and healthy, they all think I should have this done so that maybe they can fix me.

Do you want to help me with my mystery skin “thing”?  I would be very thankful for any help you can give!  Hopefully I can post an update in April and let everyone know when I will be available for adoption.


Lots of tests were run on me but everything was negative.  They were afraid I had Sebaceous Adenitis so I was tested for that.  The test result came back as inconclusive.  But most everyone agrees that is probably what I have especially since standard poodles are one of the most common breeds to come down with this.

The good news is that I can be adopted.  The bad news is that I had quite a vet bill for all the tests.  If you can help me with those, I would be very grateful!