Broken leg – Needed plate

Breed: Labrador Retriever
DOB: April 2007
Sex: Spayed female
Foster home: Julie

Oh dear!  They think I tried to have a little “encounter” with a vehicle and I LOST!  I had some nasty cuts on my neck that were infected and needed stitches and I had some fluid in my lungs from the impact/blow to my chest.  In addition to that, I had a pretty serious fracture of my radius and ulna bones in my right front leg.  I was in a lot of pain and could not walk on my leg but I was still sweet and friendly and could even wag my tail and give kisses.

It looked like no one was going to come and claim me so off I went to the vet.  He put a metal plate in my leg.  He had to be very careful not to have it interfere with the joint of my foot because I am still growing.  But the surgery turned out really well and I am even walking on my leg – I was even using it the day after surgery!

It will be another 10-12 weeks before I go back to the nice vet to have this metal plate removed.  It has to come out since I have a little growing to do yet and the plate would make my leg grow really strange.  But meanwhile, I have quite a large amount of money that I have to give to this nice vet for fixing me up and putting that hardware in me.  Would you please help me raise some of this money so that I can pay him?

Update May 8th.
Kima had the plate removed from her leg today!  The fracture in the bones in her leg has healed completely and the x-ray was a beautiful sight to see!  Where the screws held the plate in place on her bones, there are now small holes that will have to heal so she will be on limited exercise for a couple of weeks — somewhat of a formidable task for the caretakers of an active young lab — but she is young so they should heal in a week or two and the bones will be as strong as before they were broken.


We are now processing applications for Kima so she should be in her new forever home soon!

Thanks to everyone who were wishing Kima well!

Thanks to Julie Groh & Kerry Maneli for sponsoring Kima! Brenda Kearly also sponsored Kima, in honor of Magnum, her childhood dog.