Growth Removal and biopsy

Breed: Shih Tzu DOB: 7-10-2000 Sex: Neutered male Foster home: Julie Lucky for me, my former owner went out of business.  Usually that is not a good thing but the business was breeding dogs so instead of having to work for living, I now can live just to enjoy life and be spoiled like a shih tzu thinks they are suppose to be!  Besides, my teeth were pretty yucky and I needed some of them pulled and the rest of them cleaned up.  Plus, I had this funny thing on my good eye so I couldn’t see real well.  My left eye is a micro opthalmia eye and the vet thinks that it doesn’t work at seeing anything so it is pretty important for me to have a healthy right eye so that I don’t go blind. KayorighteyebeforesurgeryKayorighteyeaftersurgeryHopefully the biopsy on that thing that was growing where it shouldn’t have been will be benign but while we are waiting to hear the results, I have to save up my money to pay my surgery bill and I am hoping to get some help because I don’t have a job anymore!  If you want to help me, please send me some donations! Update: GREAT NEWS!!!!  The growth was due to chronic corneal irritation with no infectious or neoplastic evidence.  It became a corneal inclusion cyst.  In other words, something was on my eye that was sort of stuck in my cornea and so my eye tissue just grew around it to protect the rest of my eye.  It was benign and it won’t come back — unless I get something in my eye again — and my eye has healed very well.  I can see much better now without that funny thing in the way! Now that I am ready for adoption, I can tell you more about myself. kayo0710-3 I come from one of those breeding places where the dogs don’t get much human attention and while I am a very nice boy, I am still very nervous around people, especially strangers.  I haven’t had any training on a leash either so if you don’t have a fenced yard, it is going to be a lot of work for you to get me use to doing my business with a leash or a tie-out attached to me.  There is no way I can promise that I wouldn’t run and run if something scared me so I really do need a fenced yard. I was very scared of going down steps at first.  There were three of them to get outside and I had to be carried for a while.  It wasn’t scary to go back up them to get in to the house but going down is another story.  I did learn that it was really neat to be outside and to run around in the yard so when I got impatient one day to get out there, I tried it by myself.  After a few days, I mastered them!  I easily go outside now but I may never be brave enough to go down more than three steps. When my foster mom brushes me, it feels so good!  And then she pets me and when I ride in the car with her, she lets me sit in the seat next to her – she isn’t so scary at those times. If you have another dog, I think that would be GREAT because I really like other dogs.  I don’t play with them much but I love to sleep next to another dog.  I am learning about these doggie toys and they can be fun to chew on or to carry around.  I am learning a lot from watching these other dogs that run up to humans and play with these toys. My foster mom also wants to let you know that while I was supposedly all shih tzu, she thinks I am probably mixed with pekingese because I do shed.  Since I shed, I am definitely mixed with something.  That’s about it for now.  Don’t you think I would be a lot of fun to work with and teach me how cool humans are?  Hurry up and apply for me!