Breed: Shih tzu mixes
DOB: estimated about 3 years old
Sex: Spayed females
Foster home: Linda M.

Karee and Pony are 67% related Shih Tzu mixes from a puppy mill. They play and sleep together and stick together when they are in an unfamiliar place so we have decided to adopt them together.

They both will let you pick them up for short times, will go up
to almost anyone for petting, are house trained, crate trained, love to ride in the car, and walk well on leashes.

We are guessing that they are around
3 years old and both are happy, healthy girls and get along with all dogs. They both will surprise you with their antics from time to time so will be great additions to any pet family. 

They both are runners so we are requiring a fenced in yard and children 12 and up
so a door or gate isn’t accidentally left open.

If you have questions, please email and/or fill out an adoption application at