Juliet - front sitting 007

Extensive Hospital stay – Pneumonia

Breed: Beagle
DOB: 2007
Sex: Spayed female
Foster home: Jan & Al

Hiya! I’m Juliet, a bee-you-tee-ful beagle girl. I was losted, and the shelter people founded me, and then my foster parents founded me!

But when they took me home…I coughed and coughed and coughed and COUGHED! They took me to the doggie doctor, and he said I was very, very sick, with the worst bordatella/pneumonia he had EVER seen. I had to stay at the doggie doctor forever – well, at least it FELT like forever. Then, I got better and got to come back to my foster home.

But all that forever costed LOTS of dollars. Lots more dollars than I’ll ever have biscuits! Even if I gave them ALL my biscuits, there still wouldn’t be enough dollars – my foster mom said $1200 of them! That’s like, what, a bajillion biscuits???

Juliet - sitting on special throne 005

I still cough sometimes. But I eat my food – yay, food! – and run, and wag my tail. I’m feeling lots better, even tho the doggie doctor said it will be about a month before I’m ALL better.

Pleeeeeeeeease, would you send some doggie dollars for me, so the doggie doctor gets paid, AND I get to keep my biscuits????