Breed: Wire Fox Terrier
DOB: 2008
Sex: Neutered male
18 pounds
Foster home: Jamie K.

Fostered in Cedar Springs
Jake here, saying Hi! I had my own human, but my human got sick and forgot how to take care of me. I didn’t get my nails trimmed or get a hair cut for a long time. I then got sent to the animal shelter and they cut all my hair off and cleaned up my nails too. Then APB took me home!
They tell me I’m an old man. I guess I do feel it sometimes, but the biggest thing about getting old is that I cant see anymore! I can see some shadows, and I prefer brightly lit rooms, but I have a tendency to bump into stuff. Its annoying, but I just move on. I don’t hear too good either. You have to be kinda loud to get my attention.
I love sitting at the door and watching the bright outside, I love open windows to sit at too!
I am a fairly easy going fella, I don’t eat cats! I cant see them well enough to chase them either but foster mom says I was probably naughty in my younger years!
A good ole Terrier is a fun kinda dog to have around. You should see me after a bath! I get crazy for three whole minutes! Barkin’ and runnin’ and all! I have a favorite toy too and I love to bark at it for no good reason at all!
To get in the couch i bark and pretend I can’t jump but i usually make it! Boy oh boy I love to snuggle on the couch!
They have crates here and at first I didn’t understand them but since they stopped locking me in it I do enjoy fluffing my blankies in there for a good nap.
I do love going ByeBye too and sniffing out the window. There are so, so many smells out there!
In reality, I’m a pretty easy dog to have around. I don’t eat much, I don’t run at all, I like my walks (I love leashes, cause they keep me safe!) and I love couch time! I hope someday to sleep in the bed again, but mom says I might fall off.
I may not have too many years ahead of me, but Id love to spend those years with someone special! I have just enough pep left to make you giggle sometimes!
Please email my foster mom and tell her that you want to take me home. Shes going to love to chat with you. 

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