Breed: Rottweiler mix
DOB: 4/5/17
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 45
Foster home: Jamie

HI! I’m Jacob!  
At my foster home, there are old cranky big dogs I don’t play with, and young small fun dogs that I love to play with!
I am a very good boy in the house! I need to work on some minor issues, but I don’t potty in the house, I don’t eat the rugs or furniture or anything, but I do like to stand in the windows to see outside – but foster momma says NO NO OFF. Does she not see that I’m short?? I have to see out somehow and I’m so long that it really helps when I stand on things to see outside. Oh – and speaking of being short, so is my actual dog sibling that lives here. Our mom was the prettiest Rottweiler ever! They said dad was too, but they fibbed! I think dad was the neighbor dog who was short, long, and has funny shaped legs with big shovels on the end.  Bassett maybe is the word? But foster mom says I have a coat like a Shepherd. I don’t know who that is! So, the long and short of it is – I am a young adult male with lots of life left in me and still a tiny bit of puppy. I am a sensitive guy who isn’t into loud noises or kids, but I like dogs and cats and playing with my rope toys and all of our human and canine visitors. I LOVE to run! I love to play tag! Best part of my day is snuggle time. I LOVE to snuggle on the couch and foster mom says she is spoiling me by letting me sleep in the bed too! I love it, I love to snuggle!

There’s even kitties here, I had kitties at my old house too! When they go running through the house its very hard not to chase them. I don’t want to hurt them, but they are so fast I have to try to catch them! One smacks me back -that mean kitty!

One little problem my old family had with me was that I just really do not like the car at all. My tummy gets all upset and I drool and then lose my lunch. Foster mom says that these little tiny car rides we take are for “fun”. I totally disagree!! The other dogs here do think it/s fun, I sure don’t understand why! Everyone says “its OK Jacob, this is fun” but tell that to my tummy! It disagrees completely! I have had two rides to the end of the road and back that I didn’t throw up on…so I think my tummy may be getting used to it.

I can go in a crate and I don’t mind it too much, but if I could get a home with no crates after I settle in, I would be OK with that! Foster mom says to email her if you have any more questions. She loves to talk about me, so if you think I would fit into your family, please let her know! Its a lot of fun here, but I really miss having my own family.

Please email for more info!

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