Fractured legs (from malnutrition and/or lack of exercise in Puppy Mill)

Italian Greyhounds are often very prone to breaking their legs but my foster mom thought I was a sturdy girl and she wouldn’t have to worry about me. Well it is very possible I had a calcium or Vitamin D deficiency. You see, I was surrendered because I didn’t take very good care of my first litter of puppies and they all died. My foster mom wonders if I had a problem giving them milk. Anyway, I was in my new home for only a few days when I jumped off the doggie couch and my leg just broke. I didn’t jump fast and I didn’t slip or anything. Really! I promise! It just broke. Then, after a few weeks, I ran down some steps and landed wrong and the other leg broke. I didn’t fall funny or slip again and that silly leg just broke, too!
It has been a lot of work for the humans to take care of me after that. I had to be kept really calm and most of the time I had to be in my “jail”. Since my legs hurt a little, I didn’t mind it too much. But I did have plenty time to worry about where the nice rescue people are going to get all that money to pay for my surgeries. Hopefully some people who will feel sorry for a poor little broken Iggy will read this and want to help.
I am not sure when I will be ready for adoption. If you check back in August, I can post an update on how I am doing. If you think you are interested in adopting me, make sure you take some time to research Italian greyhounds so you know about us. Also, since I am from a puppy mill, I am really afraid of any new humans so I will not be the right dog for some people. My foster mom is working with me to try and get me to at least trust her so that she can pick me up without me running away from her. I can let you how I do with that in my next update.

See me run! I am healed and healthy and don’t have to be on “lock down” now because my bones are strong and my muscles have developed well enough to help my bones stay intact!
I am ready for adoption physically. However, my trust of humans isn’t quite there yet. I do jump up on the couch to be near my foster mom. I watch all the other dogs getting attention and they like it so sometimes I am really brave and mimic them by letting foster mom touch me and pet me. Sometimes she even captures me and holds me like a baby in her arms and I really do like that but I can’t be sure about letting her catch me so I still run from her.
We have a nice fenced in yard here and I go outside and come in with the other dogs. There are some other doors to outside but there are gates in front of them so that I don’t have a chance to run out them. If I got outside, I would probably run and run and never let anyone catch me.
If you really want to adopt me, you will have to be a very, very patient
person. It is going to take a long time for me to learn to trust humans. Whenever strange humans come over to visit my foster mom, I am really scared of them and I don’t let them come any closer than a few feet away before I get all nervous and have to run away. I might be okay with a couple of humans in a home but if there are a lot of them, I will probably hide all the time for a long time.
I know don’t sound like a very good adoption candidate but my foster mom is hoping that with time, I will learn to not have this terror of humans. I wish I had grown up in a real home rather than a puppy mill because then I probably wouldn’t be such a scardy cat!