Breed: Shih tzu
DOB: 2010 or earlier
Sex: Neutered male
15.5 pounds
Foster home: Julie
When I was found wandering around and brought to the shelter, they named me Harry.  But after those nice people shaved all those mats and tangles off from me, I became Harris.  They said I was such a good boy for my bath and grooming and was sweet and friendly.  

So, I get along great with other small dogs but the really big dogs make me nervous if they try to play with me.  I am afraid they might step on me!  I like doggie toys and I bark to go outside to do my business.  Otherwise I am an easy and quiet dog to live with.  This leash business is interesting and if I wear a harness, I can tolerate it but I think I prefer a fenced yard.

You do need to know some other things about me though.  
I do have a slight heart murmur but I have no symptoms so the doctor said I don’t need any medicine until I start coughing or have something called “exercise intolerance”.  I get eye drops once a day because I have a slight case of dry eye.   Then, I had a little bladder stone that maybe could have dissolved with a special diet but they decided to remove it.  It was a calcium oxalate stone so now I take some powder every day to keep any more stones from forming.  Finally, I lost a LOT of teeth when I had my dental but I don’t have any trouble eating. 
But don’t let any of that scare you!  The great news is that they took some blood from me and ran some tests and they told me it looks like I am a very healthy little guy.

(So far I haven’t met any small humans or cats so I am not sure what I think of them.)

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