Heartworm treatment and extensive dental

Breed: Beagle
DOB: 2004-2006
Sex: Neutered male
Foster home: Dana
Gunther came from a high kill shelter along with his companion, Gretta, and unfortunately he and Gretta are in the same boat due to not receiving regular vet care. Gunther is heartworm positive like Gretta and his teeth are abscessed. He is currently on antibiotics to help him stay comfortable until his heartworm treatment is completed. Then he will be neutered and his dental procedures taken care of. Gunther is between 4 and 6 years old. He weighs in at 25 lbs and has the most handsome face I have ever seen! He is very small, but stocky and long for a beagle, and even looks like he could be a beagle/basset mix.

Gunther hasn’t had the best life so far, but that hasn’t stopped him from being a major goofball! He LOVES to jump up on your lap, give kisses and hugs, sleep on your bed ALL sprawled out, and chase all the other foster dogs around the yard barking. He is still trying to figure out how to play with them, but is catching on that whatever they are doing, it’s LOTS OF FUN! Gunther LOVES food, bones, treats, peanut butter, and toys! He is a very fast learner and really wants to please you.

gunther2    gunther3

Gunther is house and crate trained, but usually doesn’t have to spend much time in his crate because he has been pretty trustworthy to have the run of most of the rooms. Gunther loves other dogs, kids, and is getting used to the cats in his foster home. Right now, he is just barking at them until they come close. If they bat at him and make contact, he runs off. Sooo…he might have some chicken in him too!

Gunther is going to need a home with another canine companion IF he isn’t adopted out with Gretta. He is going to need a family that will be devoted to caring for his health and happiness, especially since he has never had this before! His new family must also have a fenced in back yard with lots of toys and bones!

Gunther will be ready for adoption once he is heartworm free, neutered, up to date on all vaccinations, and microchipped. If you would like to donate any amount to help cover these costs, Gunther would appreciate it a great deal.

Thanks to Bow Wow Brown and customers for sponsoring Gunther’s heartworm treatment!!!