Bilateral entropion surgery –  Upper and Lower lids

Breed: Saint Bernard
DOB: 2008
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 123 pounds
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I’m Gunner! Whaddya mean, I’m not a lap dog? I’m a dog. You have a lap. Looks like lap dog to mememe!

I’m a happy boy! My foster mom says I’m kinda goofy, and still a big puppy. And I’m happy even though my eyes REALLY hurt! They said I has “bilateral entropion” on all four eyelids. ( That means my eyelashes touch my eyes all the time, and make them water, and hurt, and even get infected.

Doggie doc says – we can fix that for you. YAY!

Doggie doc says – it will cost LOTS of biscuit dollars to fix. BOO!

Hello? Have you seen me? I’m a big boy!! I need my biscuits!!!! And food and stuff.

My foster mom says maybe there are people out there, and other dogs and stuff, and maybe THEY have some biscuit dollars? If you send the dollars to APB, they’ll give ’em to the doggie doc, and I can get my eyes fixed….and I can still be happy when my eyes don’t hurt!!! That would make me even happier!

Thanks to the Nasons for their sponsorship of Gunner!