Heartworm treatment and herniated uterus surgery

Breed: Beagle
DOB: 2004
Sex: Spayed female
Foster home: Jan & Al
Gretta is a TINY beagle, weighing in at only 16lbs!  Even though she is small in stature, this little girl thing has a heart the size of TEXAS! Little Gretta was pulled (along with her companion, Gunther) from a high kill animal control facility in Michigan.  Unfortunately, Gretta was diagnosed with a very advanced case of heartworm, along with a large mammary tumor. Then, unexpectedly, Gretta developed severe abdominal pain and a fever and needed emergency surgery.  What was thought to be a mammary tumor turned out to be a herniated uterus, and we learned that Gretta had been pregnant but due to her uterine abnormality, she was not able to carry the puppies. While Gretta was already under anesthesia, the hernia was fixed, she was spayed, and her cherry eye was repaired.  Poor little Gretta was on IV antibiotics and pain meds for three days to make sure she had the best chance to pull through and that she was as comfortable as we could possibly make her.  Now….her little body still has to make it through the difficult heartworm treatment. All of these procedures were and are VERY expensive.  Gretta is thankful to finally be in caring hands and shows her appreciation daily.  She is a very happy, loving little girl who can’t get enough attention. gretta1 Will you please consider helping Gretta by donating any amount you can?  After her heartworm treatment, she will be available for adoption, so visit again soon for updates! Gretta thanks you in advance! Thanks to Bow Wow Brown and customers for sponsoring Gretta’s heartworm treatment!!!