Heartworm Treatment

Breed: Chihuahua/Dachshund mix DOB: 2005 Sex: Spayed female Foster home: Julie You would think those mosquitoes wouldn’t bother a spunky little girl like me! I can run really fast when I want to and I thought they couldn’t catch me. But they must have snuck up on me because I have heartworms now because of them. Well, it is also because someone wasn’t giving their poor dog heartworm preventative and my former owners weren’t giving it to me. Either way, I need to get the expensive medicine to fix me up and get me all ready to be adopted. When I am all better sometime in September, you will probably want to apply to adopt me because I am sweet and I get along great with other dogs. Meanwhile, until I am ready, I will be very grateful if you want to send some money to help me pay the veterinarian. Thanks! Goldiechi0001