Heartworm Treatment

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
DOB: 2010
Sex: Spayed Female
Foster home: Theresa
This beautiful girl became pregnant at 6 months of age and was a mother to her babies two months later. Once she had her babies, her previous owner decided to dump her and her babies in a shelter. All of them were very, very ill when they arrived at their foster home. As if she hasn’t been through enough already in her short lifetime, at the age of only 11 months, she was just diagnosed with heartworms. She must now undergo the painful procedures to rid her of these totally preventable parasites. The upcoming weeks will not be pleasant for her at all. Ginger is a very sweet girl who loves to just sit or lie down next to you and be with you. She is really quite the character too. She makes you laugh with almost everything she does. She snorts all the time and her snoring after a busy day of activity can be heard from rooms away. She even stands on her head at times and of course snorts while doing it. She tucks her rear end underneath her and zooms as fast as she can around and around when she gets excited. She is definitely a pleasure to have in your home. Ginger gets along very well with her foster friends and enjoys running and playing tug and keep away with them. She also enjoys car rides and going places and meeting new people. In the car, she is very quiet and either lies down or just looks out the window. Ginger is both house and crate trained. Thank you for reading Ginger’s story and if you can find it in your heart to donate towards her treatment, we thank you so much. Thanks to BowWow Brown for sponsoring Ginger!