Breed: Shih Tzu
DOB: 7/20/2015
Sex: Neutered male
  8 pounds
Foster home: Julie

I will sit near you and sometimes in your lap.  I will follow you in the house because I prefer to know where you are and what you are doing.  I will gladly go for a ride with you in the car and I will gladly go to visit other people.  
When I came into my foster home, I did like to mark sometimes but now that I am “fixed”, my foster mom says it helped me to not need to do that.  I do prefer that you come outside with me, at least at first.  I know what I am suppose to do out there so once I get out there and start checking things out, it is usually okay that you go back in the house but I won’t want to stay out there too long so you better watch for me to let me back in the house.  

Other dogs of all ages and sizes are fine although I don’t really care to play with them.  I watch them play with toys but so far I am not real interested in them.
At night I like to sleep on the end of your bed.  That way I know where you are!
I haven’t met any really young children or cats yet so I am not sure what I think about them.
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